Date Company Subject
2015-08-07 Manulife [Announcement] - Manulife - IFP Bulletin 196 1. Evidence of Insurability(EOI) medical requirement enhancement 2. Receipt of Incomplete Memo and Underwriting Progress Report (UPR) on the same day 3. New panel medical examiners appointment
2015-08-07 AIA Co. (Bermuda) Ltd. (Brokerage Services) [Product Update] - AIA - Special Arrangement for Letters Printing on Benefit Upgrade of Super Good Health
2015-08-07 Manulife [Promotion] - Manulife - MPF Family Reward Relaunched
2015-08-07 FWD Life Insurance Company (Bermuda) Limited [Announcement] - FWD - Altitude II - Launch of Addendum IV to ICB
2015-08-07 AXA China Region Insurance Co. [Announcement] - AXA - Launch of New Form - Direct Payment Disbursement Instruction - China RMB Debit Card Account
2015-08-06 YF Life Insurance Company Limited [Announcement] - Mass Mutual - Investment Choices Information Update
2015-08-06 AIA Co. (Bermuda) Ltd. (Brokerage Services) [Announcement] - AIA - New Operations Guidelines for the Launch of New Platform_Integral Life Plus
2015-08-06 Aviva Life Insurance Co. Ltd [Promotion] - Aviva - Supplement to "Single & Multi-buy Premium Discount Offer (Enhanced Edition)
2015-08-05 AIA Co. (Bermuda) Ltd. (Brokerage Services) [Announcement] - AIA - Customer Protection Declaration Follow-up Arrangement
2015-08-05 AIA Co. (Bermuda) Ltd. (Brokerage Services) AIA - Recapture 2015 & Selected ILAS (SP) Customer Promotion - Change on Offer Deadline

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